ESOP – In Detail

ESOP – In Detail

Business Exit Strategies and Succession Planning

“Exit planning” refers to a business owner’s strategy for getting wealth out of the business. In other words, it is the way you choose to sell your business and “cash out” all or part of your business. A successful exit strategy requires competent tax planning, skilled negotiations, and compliance with technical legal requirements. Not only this, but a successful exit strategy must reflect the personal preferences of the sellers and their families. A good business succession plan will generally produce a higher value for you.

An ESOP is just one of several possible exit strategies. Depending on the needs of the business and preferences of the owners. Aside from an ESOP sale, an exit strategy might be an outright sale, a private equity infusion, a management buyout, a gifting program or some combination of these different techniques.

Embracing Change

Visionary companies continuously evolve to become even smarter and more efficient in this ever-changing world. These companies are the inspiration and blueprint for Next Generation ESOP Plus. We see change as an opportunity to build something better by adding value for our clients at every step of the way. We continually look for ways to develop a more efficient, more value-driven, and more client-centric business model.

We know that to continue to effectively evolve in an ever-changing environment, we must listen to those who are most impacted by our advice and decisions: our clients. We constantly review our understanding of the markets, the law, and the objectives and difficulties of our clients.

We have designed ESOP Plus in such a way so that our ideas and methods change and evolve as the business environment changes. We constantly explore ways to manage cost and improve productivity and efficiency.

Cross Border Capability

 In our modern global economy, even modestly-sized companies can have employees located outside the United States. Tax law and employment laws differ throughout the world; without careful planning, equity solutions designed to work in the United States can cause serious consequences for employees located elsewhere in the world. As a middle market boutique law firm, we are able to reach across borders due to our network of ESOP solution providers around the world. Together we have the experience and ability to design and execute a variety of succession options seamlessly across continents.

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