Our ESOP Plus® Team


Our ESOP Plus® team has more than one hundred years of combined experience in the federal and state laws and ERISA requirements that govern Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), as well as the tax, corporate, M&A, commercial/corporate finance, labor and employment, estate planning and other laws involved in planning and implementing ESOP transactions.

We have personal and professional relationships with other skilled advisors nationally and internationally.  This global reach enables us to deal effectively with succession planning, exit planning and employee ownership issues both for US owners with offices, divisions or subsidiaries abroad and with companies headquartered outside the US who need help with acquisition planning or employee equity participation.

We can help you monetize ownership while reducing taxes and maintaining control of the business you built. Throughout the entire transition process, we will help minimize personal and business interruption and maximize the benefit both to you, the owner, your family and to your employees.

We have represented ESOP clients in transactions ranging in size from $500,000 to over $1 billion, and our clients include both owners who sell to ESOPs and corporations who sponsor ESOPs, as well as both internal and external trustees and fiduciaries.

We understand what’s at stake during the succession process, and we help to protect your company and your interests.

The Advantage of  Our Next Generation Team

You expect your law firm to bring all of its relevant experience to your individual transaction. The compensation structures of some law firms cause lawyers to hoard clients or projects so as to maximize their individual earnings.  The Next Generation ESOP Plus® team uses a compensation structure that encourages all of its lawyers to contribute their unique, deep and varied business experience to build and execute a plan that matches your own goals and objectives. The team consults together with you and your other advisors to provide cost-effective solutions that are just right for you.

The Next Generation ESOP Plus® team has been involved in over 100 ESOP transactions nationwide in the past few years.  The team has added value to clients transactions by effective use of the team members’ personal and experience with business, finance, and human resources in addition to their legal knowledge.  Whatever your business and whatever your industry, the Next Generation ESOP Plus® team will bring real value in addition to the highest quality practice of law.