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Our ESOP Plus practice is devoted entirely to exit planning, succession planning, and deferred compensation planning in the context of employee ownership. We know and believe that ESOPs are but one of many techniques that can achieve a business’s objectives. We work closely with investment bankers, succession planners, and business consultants to help our clients explore ESOPs and other options. If an ESOP is not right for you, we can help you find the right solution and coordinate with other professionals to help you achieve your goals.

We have represented clients in connection with transactions such as:

  • Purchasing shares by a number of newly created ESOPs;
  • Sales of several ESOP companies to strategic buyers;
  • Redemptions of ESOP shares by ESOP companies; and
  • A 100% purchase of stock by an ESOP from private equity investors.

Our representation also includes:

  • Ongoing representation of ESOP trustees and the boards of ESOP companies;
  • Compliance matters before the Internal Revenue Service and the U.S. Department of Labor;
  • Representation of ESOP trustees in bankruptcy and workout matters as well as ongoing valuation; and
  • Management and supervision of ESOP litigation among experienced ESOP and corporate trial counsel.

We have also helped clients and their advisors decide an ESOP was not right for them because:

  • Their succession planning was not yet complete;
  • The value of their business was depressed by market conditions; or
  • They could obtain a higher price through a strategic sale.

Find Out What Our Clients Say

 ESOP Plus begins by designing a plan to meet the needs of our clients and then helps our clients navigate the complex transactions that implement their goals. The people of ESOP Plus bring clarity to complexity. As a result, our clients have praised our knowledge, experience, and ability to make sense of ESOP law.