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Our Business Exit Planning Consultants Can Help You Retire From Your Business
Considering Selling Your Business?
An ESOP Can Recapitalize a Business and Transfer Ownership on a “Tax Free” Basis.
Employee Stock Ownership Plans
Our Business Succession Plans Allow You To Sell Your Business To Your Employees.

ESOP Plus® Means Next Generation Employee Ownership

Whether it’s an ESOP, a Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs), Phantom Stock, an Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP), stock options or a worker cooperative (COOP), ESOP Plus® helps you design the employee ownership plan that’s right for you and your business.

For Employee Incentives:

ESOP+® helps you design an employee ownership plan that incentivizes and rewards your employees on the most tax-efficient basis. Employee ownership helps you motivate your workforce to maximize the value of your business for themselves and for you so that their futures and yours are more rewarding and more secure. Employee ownership is the ultimate form of capitalism. It helps mold your entire team into a unified creative force that fuels your business engine and maximizes your competitive advantage.

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Video: ESOP's Turn Workers Into Owners   (1:06)
Richard A. Glassman, Attorney & Partner, ESOP Plus
Discusses Increasing Demand For ESOPs Nationwide


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What is my business worth?

All business ownership interests owned by individuals must ultimately transfer to another owner. Even business ownership interests owned by institutions will likely be transferred at some point.

How can I exit my business?

ESOP Plus® creates employee stock ownership plans to provide a tax efficient way to sell your business to your employees. However, an ESOP may not be right for you.

Is an ESOP right for me?

We are living in a time of turbulent change, placing economic pressure on businesses of all sizes, across all industries. Few owners of businesses truly understand how ESOP’s work.


“Our transition to becoming an ESOP company was an outstanding experience for all of us at Mirror Show Management. ESOP Plus pulled together a great team, and it was clear from the very beginning that we were in good hands. They started by designing a plan that met our needs exactly and then helped us navigate the complex transactions right through to implementation. Mark and Rob’s attention to detail ensured that the process always kept moving, allowing us to meet a very aggressive deadline. Not only are the people of ESOP Plus experts in their field, they also have a special ability to bring clarity and understanding to the journey. We will continue to look to them for guidance as we move forward as an ESOP company, a relationship we believe will last far into the future.”

Donna Schultz,

“We’ve had the opportunity to work with each of the ESOP Plus principals in a variety of transactions. They are individually and collectively talented, knowledgeable, and absolutely committed to successful ESOPs and a vibrant ESOP culture. Regardless of which party they represent in a transaction, we know their advice is thorough and accurate and they work diligently for the best results for their clients. Perhaps more important, we know the transaction will be structured properly.”

Rich Heeter & Bret Keisling,
Managing Directors

“We have had the pleasure of working on numerous transactions with the partners at ESOP Plus over the last couple of years.  They are an exceptional firm who has provided honest, competent and thorough advice to our mutual clients regardless of how complicated the transaction structure.  They have a strong capability of meeting aggressive deadlines while dealing with intricate matters within a transaction with tremendous confidence. The partners at ESOP Plus have demonstrated that they do an outstanding job for their clients regardless of which side they’re representing in a transaction.”

Peter Aliferis,
Managing Director

Rob Brown and the Team at ESOP Plus continue to provide our legal support, and Rob has supported Synergy the inception of our ESOP in 2004. We recently completed the last stock purchase to become a 100% employee owned company. Rob and his team are committed to ESOPs and providing outstanding service. It is critical that any ESOP Plan meet all of the stakeholders needs and be fully compliant with all appropriate laws and best practices. Synergy’s Management and ESOP Committee strongly endorse Rob Brown and the ESOP Plus team. They are true partners in our ESOP.