Reduced Cost is a Result of Deeper Insight and Smarter Management.

When we founded Next Generation ESOP Plus® we resolved to offer you the same unequaled quality of legal representation found at the very best (and often biggest) law firms in the country but without all of the very high overhead costs and inefficiency that many law firms pass on as costs. The formula is really very simple. We’re not burdened with extravagant “brass and glass” expenses for real estate or saddled with adherence to outmoded business methods that don’t reflect a progressive direction, an efficient business model, and a client-centered attitude toward value creation. We are keenly aware of your need for cost-effectiveness and efficiency, without any sacrifice in the quality of legal services we provide.

The result is really one of the most distinguishing characteristics of a highly focused boutique firm such as ours – solution delivery in far less time, at much lower cost, based on a great depth of knowledge that leaves absolutely nothing to chance when it comes to your experience. The result can be summed up in a few words – “You get the right solution at a minimum of personal and financial cost.”

Fee Arrangements

Recently a lot has been written about the appearance of alternative fee arrangements (AFAs in the jargon) for legal service. Many law firms tout the fact that they offer AFAs as an alternative to hourly billing because they view this as a marketing advantage. In reality, AFAs are not really much of an invention. The hourly rate has only been in vogue since the 1960’s or 1970’s. Prior to that time most legal billing was done on the basis of the unique value that had been delivered to the client by the lawyer’s service. We have always understood that the added value you get by engaging us for a task is a far more important measure of value than the time it takes us to do the task. We think that value you receive from us should always determine the fairness of our fees. We can bill in many ways from flat fees to hourly rate bills. Your own fee arrangement depends on your needs and your comfort level. We will collaborate with you to determine the fee structure that best matches your needs and your particular transaction, and we will continue to communicate with you about fees throughout our representation so that you and we can both develop a level of trust and satisfaction that makes our relationship mutually gratifying.

Disbursements and other charges

We believe that as a business, we are responsible for our own overhead. We do not bill you for the miscellaneous internal expenses clients frequently see on law firm bills. Clients pay only for those agreed upon third-party expenses that are necessary to deliver the expected value. We will work with you to control even these expenses. For example,whenever possible we will try to minimize travel expenses if we can participate in critical meetings by telephone or video conference or if we can close a transaction entirely by electronic means. It has been said that charging for legal services is the only inescapable conflict of interest between a lawyer and a client. We will structure our professional relationship with you so that the conflict becomes a mutuality of interest in the pursuit of your added value.