More on ESOPs and ESOP Plus®

Consider an ESOP.

If you are the owner of a privately held business considering how and when to sell your business for maximum financial advantage, you should consider selling to an ESOP  as you consider other possible alternatives. Why? Because in most cases, a sale of part or all of your stock to an ESOP can be structured so as to give you a better combination of financial and personal returns than you can get under any other alternative.

ESOP Plus® provides skilled analysis for succession and exit planning when owners of a closely held business want to sell all or part of their interest in the business. ESOPs may also be the ideal financing and employee ownership tools for large or small public companies. Deferred compensation, stock options, restricted stock, synthetic equity and other types of equity sharing plans may be just the right tool for your circumstance.  ESOP Plus®  Planning brings together all the professionals in diverse disciplines who can make your exit and succession and employee motivation planning just right for you.

The more than 11,000 ESOP-owned companies in the United States are a testament to the power of this unique transition tool.  The real answer to whether an ESOP or another type of employee ownership or equity participation plan is right for you can only be determined by a comprehensive, sophisticated analysis by the ESOP Plus® team. We will help you design and execute a succession strategy that best meets your business, family and personal goals.

Of course, an ESOP or other form of equity sharing may not be the right solution in every situation. We can help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of an ESOP Plus® solution vs. selling the business outright, bringing in outside investors, selling to key managers (MBO), going public (IPO) or beginning a charitable and/or non charitable giving program to carry out your exit plan.