Is an esop right for you?



What if your company could repay the principal on its loans with pre-tax dollars?

What if your employees could buy a portion of your stock ownership in the company and you didn’t incur any tax liability?

What if a sale of your company stock did not require you to give up control of your company?

What if you could assure that the business you built maintains its separate successful identity for current and future employees?

What if you could find a fair way to distribute your assets among your children who work in the business and your children who don’t work in the business?

What if your S corporation could become a “tax-exempt” entity?

If any one or all of these scenarios is appealing, you should probably be contacting the ESOP Plus® team.


We are living in a time of turbulent change, placing economic pressure on businesses of all sizes, across all industries. Every day, smarter systems are being created and these systems are creating smarter solutions and greater value in every industry around the globe. We believe in smarter solutions for business. In fact, we created one. Its purpose is to relieve economic pressure, fuel investment for growth, protect business assets, and develop intelligent succession strategies that protect owners’ wealth and enhance their feeling of success. Its name is ESOP Plus®.

Few owners of businesses truly understand how ESOP’s work. Few grasp how a leveraged ESOP is one of the more creative ways to recapitalize a business and transfer ownership on a “tax free” basis, with favorable tax treatment for both sellers and buyers. Few also realize that due to evolving markets, the global economy and the subsequent complexity of business environments, many traditional ESOP solutions contain performance gaps. ESOP Plus® is a new generation ESOP solution. The bringing together of specific forms of value delivery that close the performance gaps often left unaddressed by traditional ESOP solutions that have not evolved to meet the evolving, complex needs of companies and the people who make them work.

Every day for every client we continue to push the possibilities and the many dimensions of how ESOP Plus® is applied to make business like yours work better and achieve more. Forward thinking business leaders understand the need for smarter more evolved solutions to the complex challenges they face. ESOP Plus® can help.

Is an ESOP or Another Form of Employee Ownership Right for You? In this “century of change”, where the goal to outperform in business remains unchanged, it’s a question that deserves an answer and a conversation worth having. Let’s talk about a smarter solution for your business.


See if an Employee Stock Ownership Plan is right for you, your family and your company in your unique circumstances. After you explore the information here, contact a member of the ESOP Plus team at 1-888-840-6830.

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July, 2013 New York Times Op-Ed about ESOPs and employee ownership.

New York Times Op-Ed about whether an ESOP is right for you. (Note that there is one small technical error in this piece.  Employees are entitled to an annual statment of the value of the company shares and other assets in their account.  They are not entitiled to the full annual valuation.)  Of course the company may share more information than the minimum required.

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