Asset Management Consultant

When you plan your transition from your business, you should consider engaging a qualified asset management consultant to review the volatility (risk) in your overall asset mix including the business itself.

You have created the high returns in your total wealth by reinvesting heavily in your business as you have built it. By the nature of things, high rewards are also connected with high risk. At some point you may wish to moderate your risk. This is particularly important if you want to have some insulation from a sudden downturn in your market or in the economy as a whole.

A qualified asset management consultant can help you determine what part of your business wealth should be converted to cash or other more stable investments to help shield yourself and your family from sudden changes.

The ESOP Plus® team can help you find the right asset management consultant, or we can work with your current advisor to help you determine your ultimate strategy for risk management.

Asset Management Consultant

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