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ESOP Plus® attorneys are highly experienced, deeply knowledgeable professionals, focused on NEXT GENERATION solutions to your exit planning, succession planning and employee motivation needs. We work with you to create innovative fee arrangements to deliver value to you in an efficient, cost effective way .  We can play a strategic and proactive role in your business to whatever extent you desire.  We believe in the power of technology to improve efficiency by distributing knowledge and providing the  highest level of service quickly, efficiently and virtually anywhere in the world. The result is a highly focused and efficient ESOP law firm focused on your goals and values.  We are not mired in a traditional, outdated and inefficient practice model. Because we have moved beyond the stodgy old forms of legal practice, we can provide you with cost effective added value built on the new realities of the market and focused on your specific needs and desires.

ESOP Plus®  is an innovative, multidimensional law practice that anticipates the NEXT GENERATION of employee ownership and supports collaborative coordination among all professional advisors to maximize your personal, family and financial planning.  Our analysis includes the potential of using an ESOP as well as a comprehensive examination of non-ESOP solutions.   The result is an exit and succession plan that is just right for you.


ESOP Plus® delivers value that closes the gaps often left unaddressed by traditional ESOP solutions that have not themselves changed to meet your evolving, complex needs in our challenging national and global economy. You can trust ESOP Plus®to develop an exit and succession plan that performs for you in a complex environment and requires more than the traditional ESOP only solution provides.

The ESOP Plus® team uses employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), stock options, stock appreciation rights, phantom stock and other sophisticated, tax advantaged employee ownership techniques to help you protect your family’s financial future, reward your loyal employees and secure the legacy and core philosophy of the businesses you have created and nurtured.  ESOP Plus® combines traditional financial tools with a sensitivity to personal and family readiness and a collaborative process with other trusted advisors that creates an exit and succession solution that satisfies your needs.

ESOP Plus®  is one of the most experienced middle market ESOP and employee ownership boutiques in the nation.  The ESOP Plus® team is able to call on other affiliated specialized colleagues with expertise in mergers, acquisitions, private equity buyouts, management buyouts, leveraged buyouts, creditor rights, litigation, commercial law, family planning, personal planning and wealth transfer to present you with a full range of options to match your goals.

ESOP Plus® concentrates in the employee ownership field. However, our more than 100 years of combined experience with many different clients in many different industries enables us to counsel you on the full range of business options.  Our own well developed and carefully vetted network of highly trusted ESOP and business solution providers in strategic locations nationally and around the world enable us to engage multidisciplinary and multi-jurisdictional expertise to facilitate your goals regardless of whether they are local, national or global scale. Smooth coordination with other highly skilled trusted professionals allows you the peace of mind that comes when the fruits of your labor become a blessing, not a burden.

Creative and flexible middle market pricing has made the ESOP Plus®  team an attractive, cost-effective choice for clients with transactions ranging from under $1 million to over $1 billion.

Basic business principals stay the same, but changes in technology, education and personal attitudes change the form and structure of business organizations from one generation to another.  Demographic changes in every region of the world, the rapid globalization of trade and the democratization of economic opportunities demand that every aspect of business ownership adapt to continuous generational and market change.  Employee ownership is no exception.  The ESOP Plus®  team is always poised to implement that next generation of employee ownership with smarter solutions for you in our more complex world.


See if an Employees Stock Ownership Plan is right for you, your company and your individual circumstances. After you explore the information on our website, contact the ESOP Plus team at 1-888-840-6830

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