Business Exit Planning

Business exit planning commonly refers to the plans you make to convert all or part of the value you have built in your business into cash or other marketable investments. Essentially, business exit planning involves an extensive analysis of all the factors that might impact a business owner. A properly structured business exit plan will help you diversify your wealth and lower the risk of having all your family’s wealth in your business. Some owners decide to exit their business all at once, but other owners liquidate part of their business and hold on to the remainder so that they can retain part of the higher returns that typically occur in successful small businesses.

Experienced Business Exit Strategy Consultants

ESOP Plus, a business exit planning law firm, can help you determine the business exit strategy that works best for you. There are many ways to exit a business ranging from an outright sale of the business through private equity infusions, ESOPs, gift giving programs, management buyouts and, occasionally, public offerings. The choice of a business plan exit strategy depends on the owner’s personal comfort level with risk, the timing of the cash that the owner needs to receive, and the time the owner has allowed for planning.

The exiting owner should look for a business exit strategies advisor who helps them articulate their unique personal and family goals particularly with respect to legacy, family succession, charity, financial security, feelings about their employees, taxation and relinquishment of company control before jumping to a conclusion about the best exit strategy.

The ESOP Plus® team can help you articulate your goals and help you assemble a group of business exit planning advisors who will allow you to make the choices that are appropriate for you and your family.

Company Exit Strategy Advisors

All well executed company exit strategies require competent tax planning, negotiation, and compliance with technical legal requirements in addition to reflecting the personal preferences of the sellers and their families.

The ESOP Plus® team can help you find dispassionate and knowledgeable accountants, lawyers and business advisors who can guide the creation of the best company exit strategy for you. An ESOP is not the right strategy for every situation. If you decide that an ESOP is not right for you, our ESOP Plus® team will help you find sophisticated company exit strategy advisors who can help you execute the strategy you have chosen.

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