We Offer Unbiased Advice

ESOP Plus® creates employee stock ownership plans to provide a tax efficient way to sell your business to your employees.  However, an ESOP may not be right for you.  If we decide with you that another exit strategy is better for you the ESOP Plus® team can bring together the other advisors you need to help you explore other exit plans as well as succession plans, employee motivation plans and business consulting services that will increase the value of your business.

Unlike other boutique ESOP service firms, we do not bundle different kinds of specialized services with legal services in-house. This gives us a uniquely, unbiased independence that enables us to be more objective, more cost effective, more efficient and far more precise when developing solutions to meet your specific needs. Unlike so-called full service law firms that have an ESOP practice group, we do not need to maintain the high overhead necessary to coordinate and serve multiple specialty areas that are of marginal utility to ESOP clients. We’ve designed a model where specialized services including other specialized legal services, are provided through a collaborative and interconnected network of best practice specialists. It delivers far greater value to our clients because for any transaction we can engage an independent trustee, trustee counsel, a valuation firm, a feasibility firm, a third party administrator and any other advisors who are best matched to your particular needs in your particular transaction.

Our recommendations are not clouded by our need to service our own in-house divisions. The costs to you are not driven up by useless overhead. Through our network we can deliver specific knowledge and provide customized solutions to you locally, nationally or anywhere in the world.

Unlike traditional value models, we can choose specialists who are most appropriate for your own transaction in terms personality fit, cost sensitivity, transaction complexity and risk tolerance. We can rely on the extreme breadth of our network and our position in the industry to make certain that all the network specialists are equally concerned about keeping the transaction costs within reasonable boundaries. We manage the transaction so that the overall cost of the process for you is lower while the quality of the complete package is, without question, the highest in the industry. We can be your trusted ESOP advisor without pushing aside any of your other trusted advisors. This is a radical, Next Generation departure from the style of most other law or accounting firms that try to maximize their own percentage of the aggregate fees in any given transaction, potentially impacting the thoroughness and quality of the end solution. It is particularly different from firms that are hourly rate based which as we all know, commonly leads to wheel spinning and unpredictable cost.

Thoroughness of the solution, unbiased direction and cost unpredictability are, justifiably, the three of your biggest concerns regardless of the size and complexity of your transaction. The Next Generation model effectively addresses each of them.

ESOP Plus® is in the forefront of complex, multidimensional ESOP law and business exit and succession plans. We are the industry-leading boutique ESOP law firm, serving clients in the United States.  The international reach of our partners gives ESOP Plus® a unique ability to implement effective employee ownership solutions for businesses with a presence across U.S. borders. Unlike most law firms that provide occasional ESOP, exit and succession plan representation, we are focused only in these areas. Our firm spends all of its time providing advanced ESOP Plus® and business exit solutions.

ESOP Plus® is the right partner for you to choose to explore your exit opportunities.